Journey start

I’m going to be honest that this blog thing is a bit intimidating. I have been on so many blogs and seen an abundance of fabulous posts, captivating visual layout and easy navigation. This high standard is a goal of mine and i will get to the point of “AWESOME blog page” however it’s going to take lots of work and some time.

I tend towards wanting everything in order before I give it my all and act. One might call it perfectionism. I view it as a a skill I could improve on. I’ve begun to realize that nothing and no one in life is perfect and there is no way I can expect it to be. Which brings me to this blog. Its going to start out rough, non functional, confusing to navigate and lacking in a few areas. However, I do promise that you will find valuable trustworthy information here. Whether its inspiring words, health advice, fitness suggestions, nutrition knowledge, tasty recipes or ramblings of a journey that resinates with yours. The blog function and layout will get progressively better so bare with me!

This blogs soul purpose is to bring life, joy, knowledge and happiness to it’s readers! This is going to be a wild and exciting ride, wont you join me?



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