Is the cause of death in communication?

I often wonder where I would be if I had not stumbled upon IIN?windy road
  • Would I be suffering even more than when I had started back in September?
  • Would I have dug myself deep into a hole of pain and negativity?
  • Would have gotten cancer or some other disease at this very young age?
  • Would all the motivation and passion I had cultivated over the years completely diminish?

These are things that I firmly believe would have taken over my life. I am grateful everyday for the knowledge and insight that IIN has and is providing me.

This week we are going through the topics of emotional eating, love and communication.

It has been quite inspiring and makes you get down in the dirt and DIG deep.

  • Dig for feelings that you didn’t know where even there.
  • Dig down into your emotions, which can be a scary and painful thing.

I have learned that it is good to get look inside and find the real reason you are living on this earth.

  • Why are you here?
  • What is your purpose?
  • What is the reason you wake up everyday?
  • What will you do with this life of yours?

Bernie Siegel MD Believes that the key to life in all its forms it’s ability to communicate. Communicate with each other but more importantly communicate within our selves, our individual organs and cells.


Life begins with one celled organisms who learn communicate with chemistry and the environment in order to grow. Today these communications continue this marvelous dance and we ignore any dangerous mishap that may happen because of our low level of unconsciousness.

Think of Mondays and the simple fact that this day has higher mortality and suicide rates than other days of the week. We aren’t the wisest creatures. We don’t listen to our inner being. People hate Mondays and this feeling of hate impacts our very being.

Now think of the signals one receives while growing? How does touch, hug or caress impact the individual and the body’s signals? How does fear, despair and depression tell our bodies to respond to life? Every signal call is aware of these signals and our will to live.

The question is what messages are you giving to your body? Are they signals to create and enhance life and are not life threatening? I believe it is the thoughts that we allow into our brains that determine life or death. Inspiration feeds life while expiration kills. Just as we would say when someone dies, they expire.

Inspiration means breathing in and creating life. So what inspires you? People who find new meaning and become inspired can cure “incurable” diseases. They are not ready to expire because they are inspired to life, love and serve.

This inspiration goes into each and every cell of the body allowing it to come alive. The body, soul and mind now has purpose, a reason to live.

The significance is clear, give your body messages and signals related to your inspiration and will to live. You body will do the rest. Find your reason for living and get going now!

Remember these words are meant to help you enjoy life rather than avoid disease. Focus on life and disease will stay away. The people who wake early to jog, eat only organic vegetables, drink pure water and meditate still die. So do what feels right for you because it’s how the chemical messages communicate with your body though feelings not thoughts. Both feelings and the mind matter and when they work in synchronicity they are the healthiest unit.

 Consciousness and matter unify and become one through the inspirational signals we provide. So get in touch with your body. -Bernie Siegel


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