Could the Cure to “incurable” disease be this simple?

Bernie Siegel, MD has insightful words to shed some light on what can be an extremely dark path.


He talks about how love and laughter build and hold our lives together. Love is like the bricks in which we build our lives on and the humor is like the mortar. This humor that doesn’t hurt or unset anyone. This is a child like humor that helps heal lives.

Laugh about nothing, laugh about everything, laugh so hard that you can’t breath and your abs fill with pain.

When I was a kid my cousin, sister and I would have what we called, laughing tea parties. We would use an incredibly small tea set. The tea cups held about 3 tablespoons of liquid and their handles were so small we could barely hold on to them. We would laugh so hard at the dumbest things! Holding the tea cup up and trying to take the smallest sip possible or trying to pour the tea and bring it to our mouths with out spilling. Of course laughing only magnified the spill and we would laugh even harder.

tea set

Soon the laughter became a snowball effect of everything we did at our tea party. We would laugh so hard tears would be squeezed out and our lungs would gasp for air. After the party our abs would be a ball of knots because of intense workout laughter was. I often wonder if this is why everyone thought I had a six-pack as a child? I’m convinced it was because of all the laughing that was had. Those tea parties where so filled with joy and unlike this “normal” world.

This world is so filled with pain and suffering. Why add to it? Why not help heal it? The majority of the world thinks that life is just not fair. It isn’t, it’s just difficult. Why don’t we make it easier for others and ourselves? Tell people h

ow you are really feeling and don’t cover it up. Let the true emotion come out and don’t lie to yourself. Allow that person to be a healer and help you.

Be a healer yourself and spread joy through humor and laughter. The world is a comedy if we allow it. Sometimes it’s a tragic one but he who laughs lasts.

old person laughing

“Remember it’s not healthy to be serious and normal. Trying to be normal is only for those who feel inadequate.” –Siegal

 Be a carrier of JOY and spread the laughter, it’s contagious!

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