Taking the chance- travels to Colorado

Life throws some pretty strange curve balls at you sometimes. Whether it’s assembling a water slide on a cruise ship in the Bahamas for 12 days or living in the middle of nowhere- BC Canada for 2 months.

I often wonder is this my life? How the heck did those experiences really happen? Have I been this blessed to have those opportunities? Life is a beautiful thing when you embrace it as it comes and take the chance. It’s really that simple. One doesn’t need nor should want the fancy “dream life” that is coveted by all cause it will make you happy. In all reality that “dream life” isn’t all that humans crack it up to be. It’s not the big house, corporate job, fancy car, vacation home and parties every weekend. It’s the simple things that make life a dream. Living, cherishing every moment and opportunity as it flies at you. I am far from all those “coveted” things and my life blows me away day after day. The past 2 years of embracing each opportunity as life comes has proven to be more that a happy, joyous life. Each new chapter I’m lead to is exciting and different. I am so blessed. So what’s my new chapter?

Frisco Colorado; mountain town at 10,000 ft, full of adventure and undiscovered territory is my new chapter. Here for a whole month. Another random place my life happened to put me. Or is it random? I’m so excited to be here! A new place that I have wanted to be my whole life; Colorado.

Why am I here? Funny you should ask. Remember the water slide job in the Bahamas; well I met some fun people who worked on the job and in particular was a chill dude named Rob. We got along famously and talked all about his hometown in Colorado. Apparently I needed to meet his wife because we would get along great, but didn’t think that the opportunity would ever come. We also talked about this trip he had been planning for a long time. Him and his wife were going to go to Cosa Rica for a month in the spring and they needed a person to house and critter sit. I jumped right in, not thinking it would ever happen, “I’ll come to Colorado and watch the place”!

Three months later I got a text, “how are you? Hope all is great. We are going to Cosa Rica for the month of May and was curious if you wanted to watch the house?” Instantly my mind was spinning with ideas of how I could make that possible. I thought, as my Grampa would say “well why not? When else am I going to get this stellar opportunity to live in the mountains of Colorado for a month, no strings attached?” Then I can check out Colorado and see if it’s really a place I would like to hang my hat in the future.

The month of April zipped by and here I am, Frisco Colorado for a whole month. Incredibly excited to check out the town and surrounding areas. Meet some new people. Form a relationship with this wonderful state I have always dreamed of living in! And all because I took the opportunity at hand, first the water slide job to meet Rob then to house sit for a month. I’m excited about where life will lead me next!

Go where life leads you. Take the opportunity at hand or you’ll waste time wondering what it would have been like if you had taken the chance, that leap of faith. You have no idea of how it would turn out but what if you miss out on a chance of a lifetime?

Life is what you make of it. You can choose to go for your dreams or stay comfortably regretting the opportunities you didn’t take. I challenge you to go for it. Go for a life you have always wanted and never look back. Life is not promised to be easy nor ever will be. Will you live in regret, or in constant thankfulness that you embraced the opportunity life brought you?



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