Books and articles to optimize your journey to vibrant health


Integrative Nutrition: Feed Your Hunger for Health and Happiness 

Intregative nutrition : Feed your hunger though health and happiness(3rd addition) 

-Joshua Rosenthal

The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals

– Micheal Pollan

 The Overload Syndrome – Learning to Live Within Your Limits

-Richard A. Swenson MD


-Richard A. Swenson MD

In Search of Balance- Keys to a Stable Life

-Richard A. Swenson MD

 Contentment – The Secret to a Lasting Calm

–Richard A. Swenson MD

Why do I still have Thyroid problems?

-Datis Kharrazian, DSHc, DC, MS

 The Hormone Cure: Reclaim Balance, Sleep, Sex Drive and Vitality Naturally with the Gottfried Protocol 

-Sarah Gottfried

Death by food Pyramid: How Shoddy Science, Sketchy Politics and Shady Special Interests Have Ruined Our Health
-Denise Minger




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